General Mills

Corporate HeadquartersGolden Valley, Minnesota

In the spring of 2008, General Mills requested that RSI design the replacement of waterproofing below a patio installed over a parking garage at the World Headquarters.

The existing construction consisted of a poured in-place concrete roof deck, a fluid applied waterproofing membrane, a sand bed, and a poured in place concrete patio slab. Some factors that needed to be addressed in the waterproofing installation included performing all odor producing work after hours due to the sensitivity of the adjacent offices. We also had to maintain a means of egress across the patio area.

Our design consisted of removal of the existing concrete slab and waterproofing membrane. We then specified the installation of a new hot fluid applied waterproofing membrane, protection board, drainage course, extruded polystyrene insulation, and filter fabric. We worked with a landscape architect to design the paver layout, growth medium, and garden roof elements.